FEATURES | Internet Identity Card
Phone Verification
The Short Message System (SMS) allows
a cellphone or other device to receive text messages.
Many Internet sites, banks, social networks
and retailers use SMS to verify the identity of clients.
Email Verification
Double opt-in is a 2-step verification process.
In step one, the subscriber completes our sign-up
form. In step two, we send an URL email 
confirmation that must be clicked to verify subscription.
Social Media Verification
The subscriber selects the social media accounts
he wish to verify. He is then prompted to take
the necessary steps to link his social media accounts.
“ACCOUNT VERIFIED” means that he succeeded.
Facial Verification
Live face-to-face verification can occur on Skype,
Facetime or Google Hangouts. During the process,
you will need a valid government photo ID.
No copy of your ID will be kept after this process.
ID Verification
The subscriber select a government-issued ID
to be uploaded. The subscriber select the country;
date of expiration; issuance and submit his ID for
review. The gov-issued ID will be verified and deleted.
Payment Verification
Currently, the payment can be done via PayPal,
Western Union and Credit/Debit Card like Visa,
MasterCard, Discover or American Express.
Shortly, we will accept more payment methods.
Cryptocurrency Payment Portals
We are embarking on an ambitious project to create
an ecosystem for authenticated and verified holders.
The security offered allows Card holders to receive
secure cryptocurrency payments.
3D Holographic Movement
Our Card cannot be counterfeited because of a
number of security features including our moving
spider-web like 3-D hologram that can be visually.
Its constant movement prevents its being copied.
Flipping 3D Cards
The ability to turn the Card from front to back by
clicking, is another innovative feature, identifying this
way the Card holder. On the other hand the back of
the Card is concepted for receiving payments.
Always Accessible
Your Card is always accessible to you online even
even when your physical ID documents may not be.
We will provide you with a variety of ways to prove
and protect your online identity 24/7.
Online Support
We provide an active online free support service.
Create a new ticket or send an Email and we’ll
get back to you within 24 hours
Satisfying and helping you is our top priority.
Takedown Notice
A DMCA takedown is one of the most utilized
services that the IIC offers for an additional fee.
SEO experts are hired to repair
their clients reputations.

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